Jessi Curry



Hey guys! My name is Jessi and I live in Tea, SD. I’m 28 years old, a new wife and step mom, and dog mom to two furbabies! I’ve been an athlete all my life playing basketball both school and traveling team, volleyball, softball, track, and soccer for a short while. I’ve always had a heart and passion for wellness but I’ve also been the “chubby kid” my whole life. After high school I fell out of fitness but found it again after gaining a significant amount of weight, 30 lbs to be exact. 
I spent a few years dipping into every diet fad there was with no weight lost but hundreds of dollars gone. It wasn’t until graduating college and starting my career as a sleep and EEG technologist with a shift work schedule that I started to change my mindset from working out to be skinny to working towards optimal health which has significantly impacted all areas of my life.  My passion in healthcare and helping others carries over into my passion for helping others with lifestyle changes. I’m a huge people person and want to see everyone succeed in whatever they choose to do.
A fun fact about me is I have a twin brother name Ryan who growing up was hands down the best athlete in our area in EVERY sport. I spent every day watching and learning from him to be the best I can be, both on the court and off. He as well as other amazing fiends I’ve met through social media and the fitness world inspire me to continue my own lifestyle journey.