Garrett GQ Query



Hello my name is Garrett "GQ" Query! 
I have been a personal trainer/coach for the past 5 years after going through my own health and fitness journey of losing 180lbs in total. After helping my best friend lose over 90lbs to fulfill his dreams of becoming active duty military in the United States Air Force, I quickly developed a passion for helping others with their fitness journeys and knew it was my calling. I earned my personal training certification in Feb of 2016 and had my business started by March of 2016. Throughout my years as a coach, I've worked primarily with a general population looking for fat loss and improving overall health and wellness. I've invested in the best education the private sector has to offer, including Muscle Nerds Health and Luke Lehman. My primary goal is to educate my clients moving them more and more towards self sufficiency. I specialize in working with women seeking Fatloss , muscle tone, and lifestyle changes.
My Why
I was recently asked about why I prefer coaching women over men and it made me think deeply about the answer.
My entire life, I watched the women closest to me struggle with their weight and nutrition. I watched my grandmother, mother, and sister constantly yo-yo diet and look for the next “quick fix” or starvation method to make them lose weight, only for them to become frustrated, quit, and start the cycle all over.
This endless cycle made them mentally believe that weightloss was impossible and not something that could ever be sustainable. It made them steer away from health and continuing to try.
In addition to the women in my family, I’ve wittnessed nearly every woman I’ve ever known believe the misconception that in order to lose weight/have the body they desire, they had to survive on starvation calories.
My “why” for doing what I’m striving to and building what I’m striving to build is to genuinely change the mindset of women towards weightloss. I want women to know that in order to look and feel the way they desire, they do not need to starve themselves.
I want women to understand that they need to feed their bodies accordingly for the performance they want out of them. I want them to know that they are powerful, capable, and that their goals are possible.
I want women to view health as a lifestyle, not a diet.
I want to finally see women succeed in having a healthy mindset towards weight loss and to give them the tools/education on how to sustain it.