About Us

At Fusion Fitness Apparel, we are a group of like minded individuals looking to leave a lasting impact on the fitness industry. Fusion Fitness Apparel was founded around the principles of hard work, honesty and teamwork. We are on a lifelong mission to drastically improve our communities through health and fitness. With our sleek, affordable gear, you're guaranteed to have the best looking gear for your workout, or however you choose to conquer the day. Below you’ll find the founders and leaders of Fusion Fitness Apparel. 

Meet The Team

  Jordan Kissler - Founder - CEO

Jordan grew up in Fort Collins, CO where he has spent the majority of his life. Growing up Jordan was very involved in sports and athletics, especially football. Jordan had success in football and had dreams to continue to play in college until he had to stop due to injuries. Jordan then began to coach football and strength and conditioning. Finding his passion in fitness and coaching, Jordan launched his own personal training business. He became addicted to the reward of helping people succeed in life and fitness. This also led to him becoming a Law Enforcement Officer which he still does full time to this day. Jordan wants to change the fitness industry and make it inclusive to all who strive to better their wellness.


Core Values

Hard work

From the top down, we believe in putting it all on the line. Nothing in this life comes easy. No matter what you're working at, give it your all 



The key to trust is honesty. Through transparency, and truthfulness we create a bond between employees and customers that lasts as long as our gear 



Nothing great was built alone. One can accomplish great things alone, but when paired with a team, they become unstoppable. At Fusion Fitness Apparel our team works hand in hand to change the industry